JANUARY 29, 2024

ActionLink Unveils Exciting Rebrand for a Bold Future

For over 25 years, ActionLink has been a trailblazer, leading the industry in innovation. Our very name reflects our competitiveness in the fast-paced and ever-evolving retail marketplace. Recognizing the need to adapt, we have strategically updated our brand positioning and logo design.


We are excited to unveil the launch of a new ActionLink visual identity, including a dynamic logo, color palette, and a completely new website design. The updated brand elements reflect our vision of innovation, people-centricity, and a dynamic work environment. 

Quality, Transparency, and Integrity

It is essential to stay current and aligned with the evolving needs of our market. A well-crafted brand position represents more than just a visual symbol; it is a powerful representation of our company identity and values. By refreshing our positioning, we demonstrate to the marketplace our commitment to growth, innovation, and remaining at the forefront of our industry. 


This rebranding initiative signifies our proactive approach to embracing change and showcasing our ability to evolve alongside our customers’ needs. Through a thoughtful redesign process, we have captured the essence of our brand, leveraging contemporary design elements and aesthetics that reflect who we are. Our new logo embodies our forward-thinking mindset and highlights our dedication to staying ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape. 


Our new brand identity reinforces our position as a modern, agile, and customer-centric company. It is our firm belief that this strategic decision will not only invigorate our brand but also strengthen our competitive advantage, allowing us to forge stronger connections with existing customers and attract new ones. 


This refresh represents a significant milestone for ActionLink, marking a new chapter in our journey to enhance our position as a world-class employer. We are emphasizing our team members, who are the driving force behind our success. We will continue cultivating and enhancing our inclusivity,  collaboration, and growth culture. To do so, we are also investing in professional development programs, improving internal communication channels, and providing ample opportunities for personal and professional improvement. We are committed to creating an environment where our team members thrive and empower them to create unparalleled shopping experiences for our Partners. 


As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we invite you to join us in embracing the change and celebrating our commitment to remaining relevant in an ever-evolving marketplace. Together, we will build a future that showcases our adaptability, innovation, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional results. 

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