Who Are We?

ActionLink offers a unique model to support all facets of your brand at retail and beyond. Our work can be categorized into four strategic channels; Store Readiness, Staff Readiness Shopper Readiness and Strategic Solutions.

Are you ready?

ActionLink creates remarkable experiences that elevate your presence, drive sales, create brand loyalty, and boost customer confidence. We engage in the full lifecycle of your product and retail needs creating a comprehensive plan to achieve your strategic objectives. We describe this within three solution sets built on strategic support; store readiness, staff readiness, shopper readiness, strategic solutions. While leveraging any one of our solutions can produce effective results, leveraging all three solutions results in an integrated plan with increasing ROI.

Store Readiness

The more tactical Store Readiness part of our business unites merchandising, store/display functionality and compliance requirements, ensuring the environment in which associates and customers interact is a healthy representation of the brand you are working to, or have already built.

Staff readiness

You spend valuable time and money designing products and brand presence. Let us help ensure your brand is well-represented in those last two feet – with the retail associate. We provide brand ambassador and training programs to train retail associates on your products, but, more importantly, on why product fits the customers needs and wants.

Shopper Readiness

Ever wish you could engage with every customer to ensure they understand how much they’ll love your product? Well, you can. Let us be that extension to shoppers creating engaging experiences and consultative selling approaches that lead to increased sales and confidence in purchases.

Strategic Solutions

Our account, operations, and corporate support teams bring a wealth of experience, analytical expertise, intuition, and curiosity and critical thinking to anticipate your needs (even the ones you didn’t know about yet), proactively address potential hiccups, and evolve the programs based on meaningful data. We leverage data, insights and relevant trends to continually improve results of programs. Plus, we can share this information with you through interactive dashboards that are easy to navigate.


Assisted Sales

Our experienced and trained associates deliver remarkable experiences that elevate your brand and drive sales.


From simple audits, building complex planograms and large-scale resets/remodels and more, we optimize products for sale at all times.


Continually exploring new ways to make ourselves faster, smarter and better, to consistently enhance your growth.


We provide world class training solutions that include content design, digital marketing and much more.

Soft Skills

  • Selling Skills
  • Relationship Building
  • Building Advocacy

Training, Content, Design

  • History
  • Selling Model
  • Retail Iniatives
  • Culture Environment

Digital Solutions

  • Product Knowledge
  • Value Proposition
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Ecosystems


Dedicated Solutions

We have the technology and assets to improve sales, manage logistics and how you manage your supply chain.

Store Readiness

With thousands of dollars being invested by manufacturers on each display in every store, the opportunity costs of poor / delayed installs and non-functional displays is paramount when determining a merchandising partner

Rep Support Center

Dedicated, In House Resources With Deep Expertise in Advanced Analytics and Modeling.

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